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Husband & Wife

Hippyistra in Vase

1 Corinthians:  Chapter 7 verses 2-3

But since there is so much immorality,

each man should have his own wife

and each woman her own husband.

 The husband should fulfil his maritial duty

to his wife

and likewise the wife to her husband,

the wife’s body does not belong to her alone

but also to her husband.


This is pretty awesome when you think about it and is quite profound, we really should take note and act in the way that we were made regarding husband and wife.


The above is from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’ by J.M.R. Larman.

BlueStar Ani

Well there is not much we can say about the above reading except that we need to be willing to obey God’s Word……I know that we can’t all have a Husband or Wife but for those that do it is a blessing to read and understand the meaning of the above.

God didn’t put that in the Bible just for something to say – He really meant it and what a blessing it is to be a Christian in the Kingdom of God here on earth.  To have someone to love and for them to love back in return.

I Pray that you have a lovely Day and for anyone that is not a Christian reading this all you have to do to become one is to ask Jesus to come into your life (your heart) tell Him you are sorry for all the wrong things you have done and really mean that you want Jesus in your life.……and guess what?   He will be there with you, with God the Father and the Holy Spirit (that is the Spirit of Jesus).

Just remember that we were all sinners

before we invited Jesus

into our lives to become Christians.

God Bless You Today with Love.

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Accused of being a Christian

Fascine Brown

Accused of being a Christian?

If someone accused you of being aChristian

would there be enough evidence

to prove that you are one?


Don’t be offended by the above, think quietly a moment to understand what it means.  i.e. is there enough evidence in our every day living to show  that we belong to Gods Kingdom?

Do we speak and act lovingly towards others each day, not just when we feel like it!

What evidence can we show today?

Can we forgive?

Are we walking in truth and righteousness?


The above is taken from the Book: ‘Drink from the Cup’


Well that certainly gives us something to think about dosn’t it?

Mostly as Christians we think that we do pretty good but when we actually sit quietly and think about it, what do we really see.

How do we think that others observe us?  How do we observe them?  i.e. our friends – our neighbours – our Church friends – our Congregations – our families – our work mates.

We are not to judge others that is our Father in Heaven’s job to do that but we can look and see – then we may see our own shortcomings.

Oh! Dear,,,,, what do we see. …. are we walking in righteousness and truth, have we forgiven whoever we need to have forgiven, are we using swere words, are we listening to The Holy Spirit?……..not to the unholy one.

Looks like we do have a fair bit to consider –  then it is really nice if someone does accuse us of being a Christian, that would be a blessing indeed.

John Chapter 14 verse 6

Jesus answered:

 I am the way and the truth and the life.

 No one comes to the Father except through me.

So to be a Christian (if you are not one)  all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your life, repent of your sins and He will be with you forever, including The Holy Spirit also God (Jesus Father in Heaven). 

Then let a Christian know that you too belong to The Kingdom of God.

And Look forward to being accused of being a Christian.!!!

It is a privilege to be a Christian.

* God Bless and keep you

in His Love

  Today. *